Resource Scheduling Software is now Outlook Based

Workspace Resource Scheduling Software Seamlessly Integrates With MS Outlook And Exhange

Outlook Based Resource Scheduling SoftwareMany companies currently use MS Outlook to schedule rooms and resources. However, there inevitably comes a time when they simply outgrow what MS Outlook has to offer in this regard.

In addition to web access, Rendezvous Workspace users are able to access the scheduling software via a simple button right on the standard MS Outlook invitation window, with which they are already familiar. This seamless integration makes for a very easy deployment and provides an easy and intuitive environment for the MS Outlook user with no training required.
Rendezvous Workspace resource scheduling software offers full MS Outlook and Exchange Integration. Our MS Outlook client component provides booking of rooms and resources from within MS Outlook 2003 and 2007. With MS Exchange integration, it is also possible to view free/busy schedules relating to meeting attendees.

Enhance And Extend What You Are Already Doing In MS Outlook

Users will love the ease and convenience of being able to access Rendezvous Workspace resource scheduling software directly from the familiar MS Outlook interface, with many added benefits.
The ability to view the free/busy schedules of colleagues means that users can choose the best times for their meetings and events, when their favourite meeting rooms, necessary resources and attendees are all available.

From A Management Standpoint

One key area lacking in MS Outlook is the ability to run detailed management and utilization reports, so you know exactly how your facilities are being used, who’s doing what, when you need to cut back or increase space, and when to purchase or sell off finite resources such as AV or computer equipment.

Rendezvous Workspace resource scheduling software addresses this problem with ease.

With several standard reports and the ability to use Crystal Reports to create custom reports, our scheduling solutions have got you covered. You’ll always have complete, concise, up-to-date information for managers and executives who need to make quick decisions on how best to manage your facilities.

Management and utilization reports help our clients optimize the use of space and resources, saving thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.

Property costs are tremendous. But when it comes to managing flexible and shared workspace (office hoteling) with Rendezvous Workspace, our clients’ savings can run into the millions.

From The User Perspective

MS Outlook and Exchange Integration allows Rendezvous Workspace users to access all of the robust features within our solutions in order to request or reserve space and resources, as well as invite attendees, all in one fell swoop – saving your employees time and aggravation.

“We’ve kept the process simple and intuitive to make sure no training is required, so the main booking process becomes a natural part of the everyday MS Outlook experience,” comments Natalie Appleton, US Head of Operations for NFS Hospitality. “The reaction of Rendezvous Workspace clients has been extremely positive.

The complete scheduling suite of Rendezvous Workspace solutions are Microsoft Certified and offer unique feature sets designed for the corporate, legal, healthcare, education, commercial and other sectors, including:

  • Automatic delivery of service details and changes to an employee’s PDA.
  • Upload visitor information for security management and name badge printing.
  • Automatic validation of department charge-back codes with full reporting.
  • Rolling Display module delivers live meeting updates to monitors or plasma screens.
  • Interfaces to leading scorporate accounting and ERP systems.

Click here to request a white paper on why MS Outlook isn’t that great a resource scheduling software tool and how Rendezvous Workspace with MS Outlook and Exchange Integration will make your employees’ lives easier.

Rendezvous Workspace is used by leading international law firms, major corporate clients and other SMB and enterprise organisations as a complete solution for diary management, catering and room booking, visitor handling and account charge-back control