Patient Flow Summit Las Vegas, May 12-15, 2014

NFS Business Coordinator Ashley Trueman will be attending this year’s Patient Flow Summit in Las Vegas.

Hospital leaders recognize that efficiency is the key to stability. Patient flow optimizes resources, while enhancing patient care and financial metrics. But which tactics have been successful? What are the industry best practices?

Attendees, who include medical administrators drawn from around the US, will have the opportunity, at the Summit, to learn and discuss aspects of patient flow with the improvement community, utilizing an array of multidisciplinary presentations.

Topics covered at the Summit include:

  • Expected changes from healthcare reform.
  • Efficient patient flow design.
  • Handling emergency transfers.
  • Improving patient care and continuation of care through efficient patient flow.

It will enable you to:

  • Indentify strategies to overcome throughput barriers
  • Gather instructivecontent presented by industry thought-leaders
  • Compare notes with peers to pinpointproven patient flow solutions.
  • Engage in forward-looking executive level discussions.

NFS is sure that those attending the Summit will come away with the tools, contacts and education needed to enhance system operations at their hospitals.

ALFA 2014 Conference & Exposition Phoenix, Arizona, May 19-22, 2014

NFS Senior Trainer Natacha Rakisits will be among thousands of senior living professionals who are coming from around the world to attend this year’s ALFA 2014 Conference & Exposition.

The conference offers a world-class experience with four days of intense education, networking, problem solving and idea development to give attendees new knowledge, polished skills and a fresh perspective about how to advance excellence in senior living.

The four-day event will include:

  • 60 sessions in a variety of formats.
  • Exploration of nine of the most relevant business topics in senior living today.
  • 250 exhibitors ready with advice to help you solve your biggest problems.
  • Advice and help on how to explore new ideas.

Armed with the knowledge gained from the conference, NFS is sure that those attending will return home with new knowledge, fresh insights and honed skills to share with their teams to advance excellence in their company or community

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